HD-Mill™ Discharge Hose


EPDM Rubber Lining / Polyester Single Jacket

  • Poly-Cord™ ring spun polyester warp yarns are combined with filament polyester filler yarns. 
  • The EPDM rubber lining is unaffected by Ozone deterioration.
  • The Dura-Bond vulcanized adhesion system, which creates both a mechanical and chemical bond between the EPDM lining and the jacket reduces the probability of delamination experienced with competitive adhesive bonded rubber lined constructions.
  • Immune to the effects of mildew and rot, requiring less maintenance after use.
  • The hose is Made in the USA.
Available in 50, 75 and 100 foot lengths

*250 PSI test pressure rating (Acceptance Test PSI) -- not rated for service test / acceptance / burst test pressure requirements of NFPA 1961

Hose SizeSpecification NumberAcceptance Test PSI *Service Test PSIBowl SizeWeight per 50' UNCPLD
1"HD-MILL250 PSINA1 1/4"7 lbs.
1 1/2"HD-MILL250 PSINA1 3/4"10 lbs.
2"HD-MILL250 PSINA2 1/4"11.5 lbs.
2 1/2"HD-MILL250 PSINA2 11/16"17 lbs.
3"HD-MILL250 PSINA3 1/4"21 lbs.
4"HD-MILL250 PSINA4 3/8"40 lbs.

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