Ultra-Shield™ Coating

Our exclusive Ultra-Shield™ high performance polyurethane coating provides improved functionality to the hose constructions, while also providing a means of vivid color coding in order to simplify hose identification. 

Ultra-ShieldTM is applied in a multi-step process, which starts by thoroughly impregnating the outer jacket under tremendous pressure in order to completely saturate the fabric cross-section with the polymer rich polymeric coating, followed by a heat set curing in a two-stage process for maximum adhesion and durability.

The Ultra-ShieldTM formulation seals each and every fiber in the yarn bundle to create a very tough and ultra-violet light stable polymeric matrix, further improving abrasion resistence, reducing moisture absorbtion, and increasing the chemical resistance of our products. In addition, the Ultra-ShieldTM coatings are available in a wide range of vivid colors to enable color-coded identification methods.

Ultra-ShieldTM is standard on America's Finest products and is optional on most other woven jacket items.

Formulated, developed and manufactured by North American Fire Hose Corporation, Ultra-ShieldTM is the most effective and highest quality coating system available in the industry today.


Ultra-Shield™ is standard on the following woven jacket constructions:

Dura-Built 800
Dura-Flow 800
Tri-Flow 600 LDH
Dura-Built 600 LDH
Poly-Tuff 1200
Outback 600 (Available in yellow only)
Outback 600 HD (Available in yellow only)
Lightweight Booster Hose 600 (Available in yellow and red only)

Ultra-Shield™ is available as an option on the following woven jacket constructions:

Ultra-Shield™ colors:

  • Standard
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Special Request
  • Blue
  • Green
  • White
  • Black


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